Just Make Stuff

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As an artist it’s common that you find yourself in a bit of a doubting phase, every idea you have you shut down before even starting, because of doubt. Will it be good? Is it worth the time? How does it relate to my previous works?

It’s very typical thing, just because you have a pile of works you’ve previously made, you somehow think that your new work has to related to your old work; your starting point becomes your old stuff. It’s pretty complicated to start thinking about making things, based on your previous things, rather than an idea.

In general, a self-critical approach is pretty handy to have, it helps you separate the good from the bad. I mean, we all make bad stuff sometimes. But if the self-critique goes so far that your art production comes to a complete halt, something has to happen, something has to change.

My solution for this conundrum is simple: Just make stuff, Without an artistic production, without making works, you have nothing. It’s far superior to just make things compared to thinking about making things. After it’s made you can look at it and critique it to your hearts content, and perhaps that might bring your ideas further, or the thing you’ve just made, might even be just good straight away.

So, conclusion. No more doubting, just make stuff. Don’t try and analyse and create at the same time, they’re different things.

Aram Bartholl’s Dust, Rhizome Commissions 2011

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Some month ago Rhizome published 2011′s commissions, and here’s one of my favorites, Aram Bartholl’s Dust proposal.

Dust is a 1:1 scale replica of one of the most played computer game maps in the world. The idea is to build the 3D model of ‘de_dust’ the map of the first person shooter game ‘Counter Strike’ as a permanent ‘building’ from concrete, making this map accessible as a large scale public sculpture.

Such a clever idea, to recreate a FPS map into a real space, splitting your virtual and spacial perception in two. My secret wish is that Aram would chose to build Campgrounds (dm6) from Quake3 instead – but I’m guessing it’s architecturally a lot more complex, given its epic heights and the 3 futuristic jump pads, which just launches you up in the air, might be a little bit life threatening…

As a bonus, here’s a clip with the grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in QUAKE LIVE between Shane “rapha” Hendrixson and Anton “Cooller” Singov on Campgrounds. Analysed and explained by rapha.

We’re back!

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— The title says it all. It’s been a long time since anyone of us was paying any attention to this site. However, I’ve been getting more and more eager to start writing again about all nice things you see everyday on the internet, and sometimes even offline. Like one more excellent platform to overshare everything on.

Some wise guy once told me that one needs to write to understand ones thoughts, and become better at life. Let’s use that as motivation. Yatta!

feeding back the feedback

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one of (Mac) Skype 2.8′s new features is screen sharing, which we like. so naturally we tried to crash it. which we couldn’t (!). which means it’s smart. but is it pretty? yes! it is.

the way of the future

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So, the cameras of the future will have a rewind functionality, Picture that. No really, picture it.

I pledge Brainwash

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I pledge Brainwash. Don’t miss the children of corn at 3:50 in. (Thanks Anika)

Airplane tip

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The holidays are approaching, and most likely you’ll be stuck in an airplane for a couple of hours. With this tip it might get a bit more enjoyable.

the sweet agony of tight crotches…

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from Wikipedia:
“After substantial decreased dansband music in radio and television in Sweden during the early 2000s, while the popularity remained, the dansbands declared themselves being discriminated in August 2007, since Sveriges Radio speaks for playing many different music genres, especially if the songs are written or performed by Swedes. The dansbands reported Sveriges Radio to Granskningsnämnden för radio och TV in the so called “dansbandsupproret” (“dansband rebellion”), which was given a lot attention by mass mediums. However, Granskningsnämnden för radio och TV decided some days later not to take up the matter.”

with a loving tear in my eye and a strange feeling of home sickness (or perhaps just plain nausea), i share this great pictorial find (thanx John Nack).

mpeg streamclip

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Quick note, spent the last 2 hours testing out video splitting software for mac os x.
the winner and hands down the best one, Mpeg Streamclip.
So now you don’t have to do the research if you’re gonna do lots of video splicing.