VLC 0.9.2

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Maybe this isn’t exactly the right place to say this, because it’s not really a thing i’d like, but I’m gonna do it anyways. VLC is awesome, it has been my number one only video player since years, and I’m a big fan, so no wonder I get excited when I hear a new version is out, excited and a bit like ‘well, that’s about time..’, because it’s been something like 1.5-2 years or so since the last release. So, I download it, testing to play some videos, realizing that well, this isn’t so great.., the video playback is actually crap, the videos that worked perfectly in 0.8.6 plays choppy laggy and hangs for seconds in 0.9.2. I figure, well, maybe it’s just that video, so I try another one, same thing. Another one, same thing. I get very disappointed, here I (we) wait for years for an improved version of the VLC player, and what do we get? A crappy, buggy, slightly bloaty new version of it. I check their page, and apparently the 0.9.3 is on its way fixing the bugs, but until then I’m gonna be happy I kept 0.8.6 installed, because as of now, that’s the only player I’ll ever use.

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