Aram Bartholl’s Dust, Rhizome Commissions 2011

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Some month ago Rhizome published 2011′s commissions, and here’s one of my favorites, Aram Bartholl’s Dust proposal.

Dust is a 1:1 scale replica of one of the most played computer game maps in the world. The idea is to build the 3D model of ‘de_dust’ the map of the first person shooter game ‘Counter Strike’ as a permanent ‘building’ from concrete, making this map accessible as a large scale public sculpture.

Such a clever idea, to recreate a FPS map into a real space, splitting your virtual and spacial perception in two. My secret wish is that Aram would chose to build Campgrounds (dm6) from Quake3 instead – but I’m guessing it’s architecturally a lot more complex, given its epic heights and the 3 futuristic jump pads, which just launches you up in the air, might be a little bit life threatening…

As a bonus, here’s a clip with the grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in QUAKE LIVE between Shane “rapha” Hendrixson and Anton “Cooller” Singov on Campgrounds. Analysed and explained by rapha.

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