Just Make Stuff

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As an artist it’s common that you find yourself in a bit of a doubting phase, every idea you have you shut down before even starting, because of doubt. Will it be good? Is it worth the time? How does it relate to my previous works?

It’s very typical thing, just because you have a pile of works you’ve previously made, you somehow think that your new work has to related to your old work; your starting point becomes your old stuff. It’s pretty complicated to start thinking about making things, based on your previous things, rather than an idea.

In general, a self-critical approach is pretty handy to have, it helps you separate the good from the bad. I mean, we all make bad stuff sometimes. But if the self-critique goes so far that your art production comes to a complete halt, something has to happen, something has to change.

My solution for this conundrum is simple: Just make stuff, Without an artistic production, without making works, you have nothing. It’s far superior to just make things compared to thinking about making things. After it’s made you can look at it and critique it to your hearts content, and perhaps that might bring your ideas further, or the thing you’ve just made, might even be just good straight away.

So, conclusion. No more doubting, just make stuff. Don’t try and analyse and create at the same time, they’re different things.

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