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feeding back the feedback

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one of (Mac) Skype 2.8′s new features is screen sharing, which we like. so naturally we tried to crash it. which we couldn’t (!). which means it’s smart. but is it pretty? yes! it is.

the sweet agony of tight crotches…

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from Wikipedia:“After substantial decreased dansband music in radio and television in Sweden during the early 2000s, while the popularity remained, the dansbands declared themselves being discriminated in August 2007, since Sveriges Radio speaks for playing many different music genres, especially if the songs are written or performed by Swedes. The dansbands reported Sveriges Radio to [...]

No-One has to be a Great Pretender..!

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winter’s approaching rapidly, and while the days are getting shorter and shorter, moods are dipping, and you resort to mindless YouTube surfing.AND! once in a while you come across a little pearl in the swamp of shite that is the largest personal video repository out there, and when you do, those 20 min of making [...]

the King is Back

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ok, i’m not entirely sure what to say here… well; Anton Corbijn is directing one version (the 2nd very nicely done by Hype Williams) of Coldplay’s new single ‘Viva la Vida’ (eh… Ricky..?)…and what to say? i call for a thinker here – did he run out of ideas (if you don’t know what i’m [...]

Earthly Shorts

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(i know, it’s a little late, but) the 10th of May the first-ever Pangea Day took place. 6 different world cities linked together in a 4-hour short-video show, with a programme compiled of works by veteran and up-and-coming videomakers. check out the site for more vids; i just found this. chekkit, T-bag…

Brighton Port Authority

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Norman Cook’s latest brings us a brilliantly retro track, and director Keith Schofield embodies it flawlessly in this video. i never thought i’d actually appreciate censor bars… sit back and enjoy!