idea of the day: t.s.a. communication

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secret messages for the luggage inspectors at the ariport

“T.S.A. Communication is a project that alters the airport security experience and allows the government to learn more about you then just what’s in your backpack. ”




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Sorry for the language (it’s Swedish) but it’s just too good.

(Hans kvinnokniv är grym!)


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Here’s a genius way of tackling people who tries to rip you off.
Check it out, is perhaps a bit of a read, but worth it!

About Time

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Flash CS4 gets a proper timeline with automatic keyframing, that’s really about time. It has been so frustrating and annoying to work in Flash before, these improvements will make it more like AE and thus way better. Check 19 min video of new features here.

VLC 0.9.3 is released, hopefully this one will fix the laggy-drop-framed-playback from 0.9.2.

No-One has to be a Great Pretender..!

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winter’s approaching rapidly, and while the days are getting shorter and shorter, moods are dipping, and you resort to mindless YouTube surfing.
AND! once in a while you come across a little pearl in the swamp of shite that is the largest personal video repository out there, and when you do, those 20 min of making up random search terms pays off, and you feel quite ok again.

enjoy the loving (Finish) energy of Times Past..!

VLC 0.9.2

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Maybe this isn’t exactly the right place to say this, because it’s not really a thing i’d like, but I’m gonna do it anyways. VLC is awesome, it has been my number one only video player since years, and I’m a big fan, so no wonder I get excited when I hear a new version is out, excited and a bit like ‘well, that’s about time..’, because it’s been something like 1.5-2 years or so since the last release. So, I download it, testing to play some videos, realizing that well, this isn’t so great.., the video playback is actually crap, the videos that worked perfectly in 0.8.6 plays choppy laggy and hangs for seconds in 0.9.2. I figure, well, maybe it’s just that video, so I try another one, same thing. Another one, same thing. I get very disappointed, here I (we) wait for years for an improved version of the VLC player, and what do we get? A crappy, buggy, slightly bloaty new version of it. I check their page, and apparently the 0.9.3 is on its way fixing the bugs, but until then I’m gonna be happy I kept 0.8.6 installed, because as of now, that’s the only player I’ll ever use.

Wario Trailer

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Quite nice trailer for the upcoming wario game, even though we’ve seen quite a bunch of similar ad’s recently. Remember the AH one some months ago? Nice to ‘destroy’ youtube though.

EOS 5d M2 Video

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Wow! Check this sample out, it looks fantasticly sharp, and most of the shots are in low-light conditions and the noise levels are pretty darn good. I’m getting one.

Awesome Placebo

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If you’re into placebo’s, I mean unconventional treatments, like for instance listening to a stream of weird noises that apparently sends signals to your brain to alter your state, like making your more alert, or curing your alcohol addiction, then check out You’ll find a bunch of streams for everything from PMS relief to Pain Killers. I just tried the Energy Drink, totally works.

TV Nostalgia

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This is the intro to one classic Swedish TV shot called ‘Sagostunden’ (Storytelling time). Awesome track and super nice 80′s animations.

iTunes Replacement

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If you’re one of the few who can’t stand iTunes, used to organizing your music in set folders, possibly because you liked to use Winamp back in the days before everyone ran and bought a macbook.
If you’re one of those, you’re gonna love Cog. Super simplistic audio-player with support for most formats, and it just gives you access to your music folder, no stupid library, no stupid organizing. Freedom.