Justify Payment

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If you ever run into problem where some client don’t want to pay you for your job, just show them this video and you’ll be fine.

The Man

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The Hehe-Man is kind of back, or not back really, but I just found this video, and it’s awesome. Check it out please!

Ubu.com Kicks ass

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For all of you who missed it, ubu.com is a super great resource for artist material. It’s soo worth a look.

Domain hamstering

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Converse is having fun getting a butt load of domains, to create a loop of clicks, kind of.
check http://www.icantbelievethisdomainwasntalreadytaken.com/ and see how long you can keep going before you get bored.., i managed around 10 clicks i think.

Food Photography

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‘Reality’ vs Product Photography. My favourite is the Currywurst, looks disgusting in both categories.

Brighton Port Authority

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Toejam - Brighton Port Autority

Norman Cook’s latest brings us a brilliantly retro track, and director Keith Schofield embodies it flawlessly in this video. i never thought i’d actually appreciate censor bars…

sit back and enjoy!

TD Break Down

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So, I play a lot of flash based games, mostly tower defense games, or at least they’re the ones that consume most of my time. So, here’s a little break down of my favourites.

Flash Element Td v1.0
Classic Tower Defense. One map for all levels, with a bunch of different towers. The tricks to get the high scores, only use standard towers, use the tab button to place the towers tighter together, and for each upgrade, pick the +5% interest rate

Vector Td v2.0
Kind of like the first one, but set in a futuristic environment, you also have different map layouts to perfect in your quest to kill all the evil robots.

The last one I played, it offers a slightly different game play, there’s different levels and you gain experience points so you can level up, and get new skills. The towers are made out of gems in different colours, each colour with a special skill, that can be combined into better gems.
Highly addictive.

Lastly, as a general rule, for all TD games, the key is upgrade upgrade upgrade + position.

Robot Clarinet

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sure, it can play fast, but it still sounds like a robot is playing, wheres the soooul.
quite impressive though.


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So, time to download the official release of Firefox 3.0, but honestly, would we stick with it if Safari had Firebug..? Would we..? I think not.